Reasserting design relevance in cartography

Alongside Commission member Damien Demaj, I recently completed a survey of cartographic experts to establish what the profession considers to be some of its best work.  The general idea behind the survey was to provide a set of examples that showcase high quality cartographic design; work that exemplifies how excellence in cartography transcends the purely functional map into something more-a map that invites scrutiny, exploration, engagement and fascination.  The work is presented in two articles in the latest issue of The Cartographic Journal.  In the first, Reasserting design relevance in cartography: some concepts, we explain a little of what design is and why it is important in cartography.  In a second paper, Reasserting design relevance in cartography: some examples, we showcase 39 maps that demonstrate excellence in design accompanied by comments on what it is that makes them so engaging as a map product.

The articles are only available to subscribers of The Journal through IngentaConnect but over the coming weeks we will also be showcasing these examples and hosting links to accompanying resources on the Commission web site.