The core team of the Commission comprises:

Dr Kenneth Field
Commission Chair
Senior Cartographic Product Engineer at Esri @kennethfield

Dr Ian Muehlenhaus
Commission Vice-Chair
Director, GIS Professional MS Program
Geography Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison @iMuehlenhaus

Previous core team members

Dr Alexander Kent, Vice-Chair 2011-2015
Dr Anja Hopfstock, Vice-Chair 2011-2015
Dr Bernhard Jenny, Vice-Chair 2011-2015

If you have an interest in map design, you are cordially invited to become a member of the Commission and participate in its activities. Getting involved is as simple as joining the Commission by subscribing in the panel to the right of this page.

You will receive updates on the work of the Commission and we hope to encourage you to share your work as part of the Commission’s objectives. This brings benefits to Commission members by showcasing your work on the International stage through the offices of ICA. Please contact the Commission organizers if you have work or ideas you wish to share with the wider community.