Cartographic Summit: The future of Mapping


The International Cartographic Association and Esri are hoting an invite-only Cartographic Summit in Redlands, CA next week (8-10 Feb). Originally envisioned by ICA Immediate Past-President Georg Gartner and Esri President Jack Dangermond in Dresden during ICC 2014, the purpose is to support and enable discussion on how mapping is changing and what the challenges and opportunities are going forward. Current ICA President Menno-Jan Kraak will outline the shared vision on Day 1 followed by some terrific speakers and discussion.

ICA Map Design Commission Chair Kenneth Field and Vice-Chairs Ian Muehlenhaus and Damien Saunder will attend alongside a number of other Commissions to contribute to the discussions. They will also host a Map Design Commission networking event during the Summit.

Thought-leaders from a range of disciplines will come together to explore their perspectives and to contribute to this meeting. The event goes beyond cartographers talking to cartographers and involves people from academia, media, journalism, design, government and art. Shaping a future research agenda for cartography and establishing future needs from a wide range of people is crucial to building bridges across communities for which mapping (and cartography) are vital elements in enabling communication. Establishing changing needs and expectations is at the heart of a better understanding of how cartography should adapt over the coming years. From our perspective, design and design thinking is a crucial component of this going forward.

While the event itself is invite-only to provide a forum for discussion and sharing of ideas among the group of passionate people, the event acts as a springboard for wider dissemination and discussion. Blogs and a research paper will emerge from the event to support sharing of ideas and to promote further debate. To that end, the Monday and Tuesday are to be live streamed. Details for accessing the live stream:

Dates: February 8th and 9th
Live stream: details available via the agenda
Video link:
Password: carto.summ

After the event, videos of the main presentations will be available via the ICA web site.