MapCarte 221/365: Submarine Cable Map by TeleGeography, 2013



TeleGeography have become renowned not only for the detail and accuracy of their annual map of the world’s submarine cables but also for the design and style they exhibit. Let’s be honest…the data isn’t necessarily the most scintilating for a general audience but they’ve taken the approach of switching the design annually to reinvigorate the map and the interest.

The 2013 version was particularly impressive. Taking cues from the maps of yesteryear and designing it as an historical document is an interesting counterpoint for a modern dataset. The execution is impeccible with cartouches, muted colours, vignettes and parchment style fills. Even the typography follows suit and the title is akin to old-fashioned ornate copper-plate engraving. It’s this attention to detail that makes the map so well composed rather than just an historical style applied clumsily.

While the 2013 map is a terrific juxtoposition of design and theme, you can see many more examples of the changing face of TeleGeography’s map on their web site here and an interactive version here.